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Contraceptive coil (IUD)

The contraceptive coil is an highly effective, incredibly easy, very very low maintenance contraceptive option for all women, regardless of whether they have never had a baby or have already given birth.

The coil (IUD) is a small plastic device of approx 1 inch in length that sits at the top of the uterus (womb) and prevents a pregnancy occuring. It also comes a second version, the Mirena (IUS) which is available for people with heavy or difficult bleeding patterns.

It is not uncommon for new users of either the IUD or IUS to experience some spotting for a few months after insertion, but given these devices can be left in for up to ten years, this is relatively a very short period of time.

Dr Bannister is certificated in the fitting of both the IUD & IUS, so we are pleased to be able to offer this service within the practice on Thursday mornings. These slots are very popular, so please book early.

We do insist that you have a negative chlamydia test before a IUD or IUS is fitted to avoid the transmission of chlamydia into the uterus, so please ensure that you have had this done. Most women like to speak to a doctor before booking into the coil clinic, so that any questions they have can be answered up front.

As some women find the fitting process uncomfortable, we suggest you take three paracetomol tablets about ten minutes before the insertion, to make this less problematic in case you experience any discomfort.