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Psychosexual counselling

There are times when things have gone wrong for all of us, but if those problems become more frequent or intrusive then they sometimes need help.

We are lucky to have psychosexual counselling provided by the local Contraception & Sexual Health service at the Royal South Hants Hospital.

Their service is happy to help both men & women who are having problems with low sexual desire, loss of libido, non-consummation, vaginismus, dysparunia (painful intercourse), vulvodynia, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and non-orgasm related problems too. They will also see men who have failed to respond to erectile treatments.

They are not able to see people who want relationship counselling, with sexual addiction, with sexual offending behaviours or regarding gender reassignment.

Referral is necessary by a GP, so please book an appointment with us if you might benefit from counselling.