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Travel Clinic

When travelling the world it is essential to protect yourself from the sorts of diseases you may encounter whilst away.

Vaccinations against infectious disease are a major part of this protection and we encourage you to book to see our specialist nurses in our travel clinic to discuss what immunisations you will need. Many need to be given weeks or even months before you depart, so don't leave it too late (8 weeks is the bare minimum).

Please download & complete the first section of our travel clinic form, then return in to us by email, in person or by post. You will not be able to book a travel clinic appointment until we have received the form and this must be at least 1 working day before your appointment. (This is because we need to work out what is needed in advance of you attending, so that you can get those vaccinations during the appointment!)

Think about all of the destinations you will visit in the course of your travels and whether you will be staying in urban areas or trekking deep in to the heart of the jungle!

Also, when budgeting for your travel, please remember the travel vaccinations and anti-malaria drugs are not NHS services, so you will need to include the cost of these items too.

The computer software we use is regularly updated by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, so reflects the latest advice available nationally.