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University Health Service
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Obtaining access to your medical records

Subject Access Request for UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICE Patients
Occasionally, the University Health Service (this GP practice) is understandably confused for University Hospital Southampton (the trust that runs Southampton General Hospital, amongst other units). Please note that we are a separate organisation and unable to access your hospital records.

Please see their SAR process here.
To apply for parts of or all of your record, please complete a Subject Access Request form. This form must be signed by hand and returned with two forms of identification (as given in the request form).

If you are applying for:
  • yourself - these documents must identify you;
  • a child - please include the child's birth certificate demonstrating your relationship & the documents identifying the given parent or guardian;
  • someone who is unable to apply for themselves - please include the enacted health & welfare power of attorney & the documents identifying the attorney.
You may deliver the form to us:
  • by uploading them;
  • by post;
  • by hand;
  • by email to access.requests@unidocs.co.uk;
We have one month in which to comply with your request, but can extend this to two months if your request is complex or lengthy. In this instance, we will notify you within the first month that there will be a delay.

For existing patients, we will deliver your information via our self-service clinical portal (Patient Access) by providing you with a username and password. For ex-patients, we will deliver your documents via a secure portal (StayPrivate) by providing you with a username and password. Please check your email inbox for the PIN and account information to access your online account. It may be worth checking your junk mail as occasionally the information may post there.

Please note, because a doctor has to manually review the entire record, this is a very time consuming task for us. We therefore ask that you do not request more information that is needed.