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Intimate examinations

During the course of some consultations it will be necessary to examine an area that most people would consider private or for intimate contact only.

We aim to respect our patients' dignity but hope that you will understand that the examinations of these areas will sometimes be important to delivering your care.

We will always ask for your consent before examining an intimate area and tell you why we intend to do the examination.

Patients sometimes like to bring a friend or relative along to sit in on the examination - this is fine. Alternatively, we can arrange for you to have a chaperone (another member of our staff) present during your examination if you would prefer.

As this takes time to coordinate two members of staff to be available for the same consultation, we ask that you request a chaperone at the time of booking your appointment if possible. Alternatively, we can make another appointment for you when this would be possible, if it cannot be arranged at the time of the first appointment.