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University Health Service
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We understand how important confidentiality is to our patients and we provide complete confidentiality between you and us at all times.

We do not release information to third-parties (including the University) unless you specifically ask us to do so.

If you have something you would rather not discuss in reception (such as obtaining test results), then please ask to use our private area instead.

Please understand this may mean we stop to ask your permission before giving out information, even if you would not mind us sharing it - we do this to protect your confidentiality.

Please note there are two main exceptions to this statement concerning confidentiality. They apply in very specific circumstances where the public interest in breaching your confidentiality outweighs our commitment to our patient.

Firstly, if you tell us something which we know could prevent harm occurring to others, we will assess the need to breach your confidentiality and inform the police, in order to prevent that harm occurring. An example of this might be someone telling us that they are about to go away and assault someone else.

Secondly, if you are a healthcare professional (student or practicing) and we know about something which may affect your ability to provide patient care to others, we are required to inform the appropriate regulatory body so that they may assess what action is required.

For example, if you are a paramedic who steals drugs from ambulances and has told us this, we would be required to inform your regulatory body.