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How to book an appointment

To book an appointment simply:
• call us on (023) 8055 7531 during working hours, or
• use your secure personal account to book your own appointment.

Our receptionist will enquire about the nature of your appointment so that they can book you to see the most appropriate member of our staff. Many requests can be fulfilled by our highly trained nurse practitioner, nurses or health care assistant. So that we may make the most efficient use of our staff mix, we will book you with the most suitable clinician.

You may see the next available doctor or choose to wait until the doctor of your choice next has an appointment available. If you have seen a doctor about the same problem before, it is usually helpful to see the same person so that they will know your history from the previous appointment.

Please remember one appointment is for one problem, so do not bring a list of multiple issues as you may be disappointed.

You cannot book appointments by email or fax.