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How to request repeat medication

A medicine which has been placed "on repeat" is a drug that your doctor knows you will need to have several times before they will need to see you again, so they have established it as being able to be prescribed multiple times. A typical example might be an asthma inhaler that you use every day.

If you have medicines that are on repeat, then we can issue a further prescription for you when you next need more supplies. However, not only is it necessary for the drug to be set on repeat, but you must also be complying with any monitoring regimens needed for those drugs and be within your review date.

If you have failed to comply with the monitoring process or your review date has passed, then we will not be able to issue a prescription for a drug even if it is on repeat. You will need to see our nurse prescriber or a doctor so that they may re-authorise the repeat(s).

There are several ways you can order a further prescription for your drug(s):

  • by using your secure personal account and generating the request directly in to our clinical system
  • by sending an insecure request online via this site
  • by visiting your pharmacy and asking them to order the request for you
  • by visiting reception and completing a request form
  • by downloading a request form and posting it to us

We do not accept requests by telephone. Many drugs have very similar names, so the possibility of an error is too great. Please use one of the alternative methods instead.