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University Health Service
University Health Service
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Mobility sessions

Who are we? Adam and Andy are qualified health trainers, who work as the PCN exercise trainers.

Both Adam and Andy have a wealth of experience of working with people to work towards their goals. This can range from losing some weight, building some strength to help with their diet, reducing pain and rehabilitating from an injury. We work with patients with a variety of conditions to help live healthier lives. We help you develop better habits, both in the gym as well as outside of it. We help you work towards your goal so that you can continue to work towards them after completing our sessions. Our first session is a consultation to talk through your referral, get to know you better and for you to tell us your goals. The next two sessions will be more practical based in the gym. Once we have completed the three sessions, we will tell you the pathway that you can take to continue working towards your goal.

Group Health Intervention

We have two bi-weekly interventions for patients that are free to attend. They are designed to help you improve your movement and your health. They are as follows:

• Healthy walk – These walks are a chance for you to ask us general questions around health and wellbeing. Or if you don’t want to talk, they are a great way to increase your step count and enjoy some fresh air. We meet at outside the Jubilee Sports Centre every other Tuesday at 12:30pm.

• Mobility sessions uploaded to YouTube – There is a private YouTube playlist that can be accessed at this link. You can view these and follow along when at home. They are designed to get you moving and to help improve your range of movement through all your joints. If performed regularly, you should be able to move more freely in not just the exercises, but also in daily life. They all have regressions for every exercise if you cannot perform a certain movement. These sessions are open to anyone but please speak with your GP if you have any concerns in participating in them. Please move through these sessions at your own pace and through pain free range of movement. If you struggle or feel pain, then stop that movement.

The practice takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained during these activities. If you are in any doubt about your safety or ability to perform the exercises, please seek advice at a sports centre.