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Malaria drug information

There are a number of drugs available for malaria prevention. Details of these drugs can be found here, in a document taken from the Fit For Travel website. Please see our nurses in the travel clinic to decide which is appropriate for you.

The following points should be considered with respect to these drugs:

  • don't assume the tablets you took last time are still appropriate or that travel to a nearby place means the same prevention is needed - malaria exists in different forms and some drugs are specified for certain prevailing variants, so always check with our travel clinic
  • take the tablets exactly as specified - do not be tempted to miss any out whatsoever
  • start the medicine as specified before your trip to enable the protection to begin as well as to learn of any side-effects before you depart
  • keep taking the medicine whilst you are away
  • do not stop taking the medicine until specified as malaria parasites can survive in the body after you have returned
  • malaria tablets do not give you an absolute guarantee that you will not get malaria
  • if you have symptoms of malaria (fever, shivers, sweating, backache, joint pains, diarrhoea or delirium) get prompt medical advice and say that you have been to a malarious area
  • malaria is commonest in the three months after you return but can occur up to one year later
  • some medicines can be purchased directly from a pharmacist, others require a prescription
  • malaria medicines are not available on NHS prescription