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Emergency contraception

Sometimes things don't go to plan... If you think you may be at risk of an unwanted pregnancy following recent intercourse, you need to promptly obtain emergency contraception. Common circumstances when this is possible include missed contraceptive pills, condom leakage or unplanned sexual intercourse.

If you had intercourse within the last 72 hours then the morning-after pill is usually appropriate. Remember, please do not delay obtaining the pill. Do not wait to contact us for an appointment, go to one of the local pharmacies that can give you Levonelle for free. A list of these pharmacies is contained on the page about free emergency contraception.

If it is more than 72 hours, but less than five days, then there are two further options. The first is Ella-One (an alternative morning-after pill with a longer window of opportunity) or the insertion of a copper coil (intra-uterine device) may be appropriate instead.

We do however wish to see you very soon after to discuss arranging a more regular form of contraception to avoid the need to use emergency contraception again in the future.