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About doctors in training

The practice is keen to help the doctors of tomorrow gain experience in as broad a range of settings as possible and we therefore have both medical students and postgraduate doctors working with us.

F2 doctors are qualified doctors in their postgraduate training years, who have come to spend time working in general practice to broaden their range of experiences before they move on into specialised training. They are not GP's, but are doctors who can prescribe and consult patients independently. Some of these doctors will end up completing general practice training, whereas for others this may be their only exposure to primary care before progressing on to a hospital speciaility.

Medical students are not able to prescribe but are encouraged to see patients both with a GP and independently, but their work is always supervised and overseen by a GP. To ensure there is no conflict of interest or danger to patient confidentiality we do not accept students who are training in Southampton.

All staff including F2 doctors and medical students are bound by our rules of confidentiality and professionalism. F2 doctors must belong to a medical protection & insurance scheme and be registered with the General Medical Council. In the case of students, the role of the General Medical Council is devolved to their school of medicine, who act in the same way regarding fitness to practice and other matters.

We hope that you will support them in their training too, but if you do not wish to be seen by either an F2 doctor or medical student, please advise reception when booking your appointment, so that you can be booked with a GP instead.