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University Health Service
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NHS Data Sharing Schemes

There are currently three data sharing mechanisms in planning or operation, where external NHS parties recover data from the practice and make it available externally.

The Hampshire Health Record (HHR) has been running for some years and their objective is to extract information from your GP and Hospital records and makes them available to clinical staff wherever they are treating you.

The Summary Care Record is a very similar system to the Hampshire Health Record but has been slowly being implemented over the last decade to make the same information available nationally.

Care.data is a system introduced in 2013 with the aim of improving management information and reporting, so that planning and resource distribution are improved. It is being withdrawn during 2016.

You may choose to opt out of any of these schemes, should you wish your data not to be shared. We are happy to do this on your behalf: simply complete and return any of the forms to us and we will update your computerised record to show your preferences.